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External dependency solvers in APT

Back in April I talked about me being in Paris, I returned in May but kept more or less silent about it. Nothing has really changed since then, I just want to write down now how somebody can play with … Continue reading

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One week in Paris

(can’t help me, the title sounds like a good remake of bad stuff – I mean, the remake is bad, but double bad is good, isn’t it?) I am back. After my sheeva and then my kindle returned back to … Continue reading

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Oh my god! They are coming!

Yesterday, Michael opened the flood gates and today I finally published what was in my private basement for a while now. So (Keep your kids and servers at home and offline) they are coming – all the cool, useful and … Continue reading

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Merry package management days!

There are times that everyone seems to be interested in package management and usually we call this time “Christmas”. A single person gets the job of sending every child in the world more or less at the same time one … Continue reading

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Hello world!

The Internet is strange. It is full of websites and some even include lists. Lists full of questions for example like this one: Don’t worry, this post is really a Déjà-vu. My (now well known) stranger from across the street … Continue reading

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Nothing to see here. Move along!

Ah, no, it’s not that bad. It’s just that nothing too exiting happened the last week(s). Okay, GSoC ended, I got my shirt, semester started, I created a new gpg key, my university annoyed me to death with the introduction … Continue reading

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Week 14: APT 0.8.0 in unstable

Sorry, I am (very) late for this week now, but I played a bit dead man the last few days by having a bad cold… Anyway, the week was used to kick the transition forward, testing a lot and fixing … Continue reading

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