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computer science student at the technical university of Darmstadt (Hesse, Germany, Europe, Earth) living in Erbach (Rheingau).

Same guy, new place:

I forgot to mention it here, but better late then never: This page/blog is closed. All the content transitioned to my own domain by now where I also continue to talk about “apt-getting a life”. See you over there! … Continue reading

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External dependency solvers in APT

Back in April I talked about me being in Paris, I returned in May but kept more or less silent about it. Nothing has really changed since then, I just want to write down now how somebody can play with … Continue reading

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Return of the Shiva II

(this is just a fancy reminder for myself for the next time I trash my sheeva) Upgrading the u-boot of the sheevaplug is super easy. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong and you trashed the u-boot, so that … Continue reading

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One week in Paris

(can’t help me, the title sounds like a good remake of bad stuff – I mean, the remake is bad, but double bad is good, isn’t it?) I am back. After my sheeva and then my kindle returned back to … Continue reading

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Return of the kindle

Amazons Kindle is a nice device. And can’t say like others that my reading habit exploded, but as i am traveling a lot by train between hometown and university its quiet useful to read a bit of university stuff on … Continue reading

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Return of the Shiva

Wikipedia says that shiva is the hindu deity known as the “Destroyer”. Interesting that GlobalScale choose “sheeva” as the name for their first plug generation. Sounds a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy… The internet is full of stories and images … Continue reading

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Oh my god! They are coming!

Yesterday, Michael opened the flood gates and today I finally published what was in my private basement for a while now. So (Keep your kids and servers at home and offline) they are coming – all the cool, useful and … Continue reading

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