Week 15: live on a razor-edge

In Germany we have an idiom: “Gestern standen wir am Abgrund, heute sind wir einen Schritt weiter” (Yesterday we lived on a razor-edge, today we made a step forward). Another one is: “Lache und sei froh, es könnte schlimmer sein. Und ich lachte und war froh, und es kam schlimmer.” (Laugh and smile, as it could be worse. And I laughed and smiled and it got worse.)
Just to name a few: I still have a bit of a cold, my travel on Monday back home from university was delayed 2 hours and my first draft of this blogpost was eaten on Monday by wordpress site…
A few other annoyances are solved by now, so its getting a bit better, for example: I am back on the gsoc-student-list after I was dropped approximately in early august for unknown reasons.

On the coding front, I fixed a few bugs, including serious or dumb or both, but nothing really noteworthy, even if some reporters have a different view obviously. They even asked for publishing the bug details on the debian.org frontpage as a big announcement…

In general I need to confess, I am a bit demotivated currently. I need to do a lot of (boring and dumb) university stuff including studying for an exam and finishing of bachelor project stuff (writing insane documentation mostly). This leads to something I haven’t experienced much until now: I really care for weekends. Normally, I don’t have a special favor for weekends as I don’t dislike the weekdays in-between, but now… I currently have each weekend a nice action plan completely different to the weekday. On Friday I played a bit chaperon on a 18th birthday party in our fresh and cleaned up basement – its strange how different you can behave if you are “just” four or more years older. 😉 And its not just me, a fellow ROMA attendee invited all others to their new home. She is the same age as me (just half a year older or so) and ahmm, a bit shocked what was required to make a clean sweep after the evening…

Before that I was riding my bike a bit on Sunday or in other words Erbach to Marienthal and back which are around 25km in total. I guess I should have done it with a bit more preparation as my bike wasn’t the best after being mothballed for more than a year, but okay, it was planed differently anyway.

So, as you can see, no really interesting stuff, especially not gsoc related in any way, so I really should come up with an interesting new schedule and title master plan. Lets see what happens after the last exam next week…


About DonKult

computer science student at the technical university of Darmstadt (Hesse, Germany, Europe, Earth) living in Erbach (Rheingau).
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