Week 14: APT 0.8.0 in unstable

Sorry, I am (very) late for this week now, but I played a bit dead man the last few days by having a bad cold…

Anyway, the week was used to kick the transition forward, testing a lot and fixing a few bugs (and learning a bit for the now done and upcoming exams). Nothing really interesting in a way that i should talk in length about them… beside that we have APT soon in testing 😀

Oh, and GSoC is now really finally over, so I should get a new naming scheme for my posts. 🙂

So in short: Nothing to see here, keep on walking otherwise you may be infected… we will see us fresh and fit next week – hopefully.


About DonKult

computer science student at the technical university of Darmstadt (Hesse, Germany, Europe, Earth) living in Erbach (Rheingau).
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