Week 0: Bonding is over

The last to weeks were quite interesting. I was already an APT contributor so it wasn’t to hard to get “familiar” with Michael, deity@ already loves/hates me anyway and all the other lists are either already spammed with unrelated stuff from me or are still spam-pending. But every other day you “meet” someone new, stumble across a list you haven’t subscribed yet or find a new bug you want to fix.

I bond also in the communities bonding sense: After UDS-L in Dallas Canonical was again crazy kind enough to invite me a second time – this time to UDS-M in Brussels.

Many interesting topics, much GUI stuff and in this case only partly interesting for me as a consolicer but good non the less, but also more interesting topics like btrfs support – let us hope b(e)t(te)rfs can keep the promises.
An easy “go back to before the dist-upgrade” will at least help all testers (and the paranoids) in good old not-(often-)breaking Debian unstable and downstream equivalents. 🙂

Also, and that is even more interesting, you can meet a lot of cool people at the UDS. As I am unable to attend real as well as mini DebConf I am happy that I could meet at least a few people in person (again) there. Really good to be able to associate a face and a voice to a name and a bunch of mails (if I only could remember them all).

So thanks again Canonical for the invite & sponsorship, Michael for guiding me and Stefano for recognizing me… still unbelievable, I talked (a very short while) with the DPL! 😀

All this is already a week behind – last week I was a bit out of it. I really thought the UDS Hangover wouldn’t be so hard as I traveled only ~5 hours without timezone change at all. I was never so wrong, I guess. A lot of work had accumulated, some formal GSoC stuff, some student duties and finally young-leader isn’t only a nice title: “My kids” had organized a lovely concert on Sunday which was pretty impressive. I have made some audio records, but as they are unreviewed by now I don’t know if they sound good – I hope for the best. My records from the UDS-M Allstars were unfortunately not very good. 😦

So, for now enough for the at least one day too late report for the last two weeks.

Yesterday the “hacking” phase began, so I should now start to squashing some bugs out of APT again. 😉


About DonKult

computer science student at the technical university of Darmstadt (Hesse, Germany, Europe, Earth) living in Erbach (Rheingau).
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2 Responses to Week 0: Bonding is over

  1. Faheem Mitha says:

    Hi David,

    Nice work on apt. Good that it has an active maintainer again.
    You fixed one of my bugs once, #554349.

    Have you thought about resurrecting the long dormant apt shell patch? Its been sitting in the bug tracker – http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=222668
    It would be a nice feature.
    Regards, Faheem.

    • DonKult says:

      You’re welcome. 🙂
      (Especially as you are the first commenter 😉 )

      It is on the list, but to be fair, it has a low score currently as it hard to implement right™ as unfortunately most of the stuff in the buglist…

      As you might notice the author of the patch in 2003 became the godfather of APT in present times – but he hasn’t committed it. “A bit” of stuff need to be done first. APT simply isn’t designed so far to reuse the data it generates at the start later again – it simple assumes that it will throw away this data after the execution – the result will be that if you run commands in such an apt shell that they will have (sometimes) strange sideeffects for the following commands. So without modification (and a lot of testing) we could only do something similar to what aptsh does (as far as i read in the source): providing a pseudo shell which starts the apt-* commands – and with this implementation you are not far away from a bunch of aliases…

      So in short: Not for squeeze and not for GSoC 2010 (if this is not the same target), but i want that too so maybe squeeze+1 – hopefully before the bug turns 10… we will see. 😉

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